Buying Guides

Choosing Pendant Hanger Options

July 29, 2014

When you purchase a pendant, you have several options for chains or leather - like hangers. Read more

The Meaning Behind Gemstones

May 06, 2014

Over the centuries, many cultures have contributed to the legends and lore surrounding gemstones. Learn more about these beautiful stones that make them so special. Read more

Birthstone Guide

May 06, 2014

Find birthstones by month to help you create a custom jewelry piece specific to your birthday, including how this culture has changed over time. Read more

Quality Materials Make the Difference

May 06, 2014

Smart shoppers know that at least some jewelry should be an investment. Learn more about the metals, crystals and glass that sets Angelworks jewelry apart. Read more

Copper Jewelry Guide

May 06, 2014

Learn about the health benefits and other reasons to love copper jewelry. Cleaning tips for copper pieces are also included. Read more

Choosing Jewelry for Body and Face Type

May 06, 2014

Did you know that jewelry that compliments your body type and outfit makes a difference? Learn tips and tricks to picking out the right pieces just for you. Read more

Color Selection for Custom Jewelry Pieces

May 06, 2014

Since choices in jewelry colors are endless, finding complimentary colors can be overwhelming. Our Color Selection Guide can help you find what you like best. Read more

The Necklace - What Length to Wear

May 06, 2014

When choosing a necklace, it can sometimes be hard to choose the right length to go with your outfit. Choose the perfect length with these basic guidelines. Read more

Guideline to Bracelet Sizing

May 06, 2014

Find your bracelet or bangle size with a few simple measuring steps. Measuring for the right fit is super easy and will make your bracelet wear well! Read more