Wire Wrapped Swarovski Rivoli Pendant

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Swarovski is known the world over as being the top rated producer of the most beautiful crystal available. This is why.

The crystal is wrapped with Argentium sterling silver wire in what is described as the "chaos" design. The wrap is not meant to be equal on any one side. The crystal size is 18mm (about 3/4").

This crystal is available in colors beyond the imagination. To get an idea, take a look at some of the wire wrapped Swarovski's currently available. Let me know what color you would like, and I'll wrap one just for you. If you'd like to discuss your order in advance, please contact me.
Bestseller Wire Wrapped Swarovski Rivoli Pendant

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Pendants include a chain or leather-type neck hanger of your choice at no additional cost. Your order will include the item pictured if you do not provide a note otherwise. Please refer to the Chain Options page.

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